Fly Fishing Photography

Adrian South

Welcome to my site!

Born in rural Newfoundland, I have spent most of my life chasing adventure in Canada's amazing wilderness and taking time to enjoy the beauty that surrounds us. At an early age I caught the fishing bug and haven't been able to shake it (nor do I want to!). Now living in Victoria on Vancouver Island, I spend my time chasing Steelhead when I can, and dreaming of it when I can't. There's no better place to be...

My goal is to create and share photographs of the beauty of British Columbia and the Pacific North West's great outdoors for the enjoyment of others. All photo's are available for sale, comments are welcome and suggestions for subjects are invited!

My passions are fly fishing and outdoor adventure, so you'll see lots of that here. Stay tuned for more updates as I post more. For questions - contact me using the link above and I will be happy to get back to you!

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